Low Winter Sun

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When Lorna & Johnny came up to see us to talk over the plan for their wedding photography, it would be fair to say that Johnny was not over excited about the idea of being put in front of a camera.It can be a little uncomfortable. After all, it’s not something most of us do an a daily basis. We often hear people asking “What do you want us to do?”


In most cases, when people feel a little ill at ease in front of a lens, we find that keeping our distance helps! In particular, when we’re doing pre-wedding shoots, the main purpose is to help break down that tension, and sticking a camera four feet from someones nose and telling them to smile isn’t going to cut it.


Wedding photography, we think, should be mostly about the relationship between the couple. While it is important that we try to help people to come across well, (and yes, looking towards the camera is sometimes appropriate!) our presence should never be intrusive. If we can help our clients relax, and while not exactly ignoring us entirely, at least shake off the idea that they are there to be made to do something they are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with, things generally go much better.

IMG_4014 IMG_4057 IMG_4059

Pre-wedding sessions can be a tremendous benefit for our couples and us. With the anxiety and nerves which can be so common on the day of a wedding, we need to know that we have built a relationship of trust with our couples beforehand.

IMG_3946 IMG_3952

So, if all goes according to plan the couple have a few images to mark their engagement and we have a better understanding of how they, and we can work together on the day.


Faster Horses

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When we were asked to photograph Joanna and Michael’s wedding, it was at least partly on the basis of photographs we had already produced in other situations. From the outset though, Joanna and Michael made it clear that they weren’t looking for “Wedding” photographs produced to a formula. Aside from the fairly obvious family groupings – which took about 15 minutes! – they trusted us to simply photograph their wedding, their real wedding as it was, seen in our way.

Michael&Jo 0126 Michael&Jo 0166 Michael&Jo 0210 Michael&Jo 0213 Michael&Jo 0241 Michael&Jo 0256 Michael&Jo 0259

There is a quote often, and wrongly, attributed to Henry Ford (American industrialist, the founder of the Ford Motor Company). “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

This remark has often been cited to support the idea that consumers don’t really drive innovation by asking for more or better products, but that the drive comes from the producers. This could be an interesting point of view (if it were true) but it’s just patronising and ultimately wrong-headed.

Michael&Jo 0274 Michael&Jo 0285 Michael&Jo 0384 Michael&Jo 0391 Michael&Jo 0399 Michael&Jo 0401 Michael&Jo 0404 Michael&Jo 0406 Michael&Jo 0421

The implication was that Henry Ford thought he knew best, that his developments in terms of his products, better served his customers. It seemed that he saw little value in listening to customer responses and ideas, preferring to believe that “The public wants what the public gets”. While the Ford Motor company was and remains a significant presence in the car industry it seems fairly apparent that customer expectations and desires play a more significant role in the direction of development than Mr Ford might have acknowledged.

Michael&Jo 0481 Michael&Jo 0482 Michael&Jo 0484 Michael&Jo 0496 Michael&Jo 0500

Congratulations, by the way, if you’re still reading, no doubt wondering when if indeed ever, we’re going to get to the photography bit. Well, here it is. Wedding photography is often a bit like the whole “faster horses” idea. Our clients book us on the basis of what we have previously produced. The pictures they’ve already seen. Our job is to understand that. From the outset, there is an expectation that things will look a certain way and perform the same functions. That’s the horses bit. Meet the expectations that people have, which they have made based on past evidence, first.

Michael&Jo 0504 Michael&Jo 0512 Michael&Jo 0515 Michael&Jo 0537 Michael&Jo 0561 Michael&Jo 0575 Michael&Jo 0611

So, that’s the job then? Produce “Wedding Photography” on demand, on tap? Give people what they’ve already seen? No, the real job is to deliver what the client did not expect or imagine. Remember their expectations are based on past – and as importantly – detached experience of other people’s weddings.  The tricky thing is, that we can’t control the situations we are working in. We don’t get to choose the time, the date, the venue, the people, the weather or indeed, anything else.

Michael&Jo 0621 Michael&Jo 0631 Michael&Jo 0638 Michael&Jo 0671 Michael&Jo 0668 Michael&Jo 0700 Michael&Jo 0715bw Michael&Jo 0778

We have to deal with each situation as it unfolds in front of us. No rehearsal, and no second-take. The pictures we’ve made in the past only existed in that moment, that specific and unrepeatable combination of light, time, composition, point-of-view, lens selection and a dozen other factors.

Michael&Jo 0802 Michael&Jo 0803 Michael&Jo 0808 Michael&Jo 0834 Michael&Jo 0987 Michael&Jo 1008bw

Maybe that’s why so much wedding photography looks so similar. The pressure to do what has already been done leads to formulaic and predictable cliches. It’s safer to fall back on repetition. No surprises, everyone gets pretty much what they expected. In that respect, Henry Ford did have a point, but only up to a point. The Ford Motor Company undoubtedly revolutionised mass transportation.  The ‘Model T’ went far beyond customer expectations, yes, it was much more than a faster horse. Innovation usually comes from the supply side.

Michael&Jo 1038 Michael&Jo 1063 Michael&Jo 1065 Michael&Jo 1072 Michael&Jo 1092 Michael&Jo 1096

But times change. Customers and consumers routinely expect more of us. Sometimes that ‘more’ is hard to define or articulate, but we have to acknowledge and respond to the demand nonetheless. Ford responded slowly and late to consumer demands, (You might think of his other, accurately attributed remark that the Model T was “available in any colour you like, so long as it’s black”) and in doing so, saw Ford’s market share in the U.S. fall from around 65% in 1921 to around 15% in 1927.

Michael&Jo 1149 Michael&Jo 1184 Michael&Jo 1192 Michael&Jo 1201 Michael&Jo 1209 Michael&Jo 1213 Michael&Jo 1215 Michael&Jo 1256

Absolutes don’t always work. Expertise and professional experience have a part to play in the development of most businesses. Clients may not entirely understand exactly what it is that they do want. We’re in this business because we enjoy being creative. That means we attract clients who trust our creativity and want to give us the space to come up with something new and unexpected (not just faster horses) at each and every event (be it a wedding, christening, anniversary, festival, reunion or whatever)

Michael&Jo 1302 Michael&Jo 1380

Michael&Jo 1390

Joanna & Michael never asked us for a faster horse. Instead they trusted us to bring our experience and ideas to their wedding and to make the particular and specific photographs that reflected their wedding.

Michael&Jo 1169 Michael&Jo 1166

Responsiveness, trust and a willingness to listen, on both sides, is part of the process.


Synergy & Summers End

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A lot of effort goes into organizing a wedding. So many things to be considered and accounted for. The process becomes potentially much more difficult when you’re making the arrangements from another country! For Claire & Daniel however, the result was definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

Claire&Daniel_Gallery001 Claire&Daniel_Gallery003 Claire&Daniel_Gallery004 Claire&Daniel_Gallery005 Claire&Daniel_Gallery006 Claire&Daniel_Gallery007 Claire&Daniel_Gallery008 Claire&Daniel_Gallery009

In the later part of the Summer, at The Beech Hill Country House Hotel and at St Mary’s in Ardmore, Claire and Daniel brought together their families, friends and a host of details for a truly memorable day.

The flowers came from “Bloomin’ Marvellous”  in Buncrana, and it would be hard to imagine how they could have been more appropriate to the occasion and the setting.

Claire&Daniel_Gallery121 Claire&Daniel_Gallery055

Is there a collective noun for Flowergirls? A flock maybe? Here they’re  supervising Claire as she writes a card for Daniel. Hair & Makeup were by Ash Hair & Beauty in Ardmore

Claire&Daniel_Gallery010 Claire&Daniel_Gallery011 Claire&Daniel_Gallery012 Claire&Daniel_Gallery013 Claire&Daniel_Gallery014 Claire&Daniel_Gallery015 Claire&Daniel_Gallery016 Claire&Daniel_Gallery017 Claire&Daniel_Gallery018

No nerves here. Not yet, anyway. Deep breath, Daniel!

Claire&Daniel_Gallery024 Claire&Daniel_Gallery026 Claire&Daniel_Gallery033 Claire&Daniel_Gallery034 Claire&Daniel_Gallery035 Claire&Daniel_Gallery036 Claire&Daniel_Gallery037 Claire&Daniel_Gallery038 Claire&Daniel_Gallery045 Claire&Daniel_Gallery046

Daniel’s Uncle provided music during the service, while a couple of willing nephews captured video of the day courtesy of “Shoot it Yourself” who provided the video cameras and equipment.

Claire&Daniel_Gallery047 Claire&Daniel_Gallery048 Claire&Daniel_Gallery049 Claire&Daniel_Gallery050 Claire&Daniel_Gallery051 Claire&Daniel_Gallery052 Claire&Daniel_Gallery053 Claire&Daniel_Gallery054 Claire&Daniel_Gallery057 Claire&Daniel_Gallery058 Claire&Daniel_Gallery059 Claire&Daniel_Gallery060 Claire&Daniel_Gallery061 Claire&Daniel_Gallery063 Claire&Daniel_Gallery064 Claire&Daniel_Gallery065

Done, dusted, Married!

Claire&Daniel_Gallery067 Claire&Daniel_Gallery068 Claire&Daniel_Gallery069 Claire&Daniel_Gallery070

Family, friends, a few tears, and bubbles.

Claire&Daniel_Gallery071 Claire&Daniel_Gallery073 Claire&Daniel_Gallery074 Claire&Daniel_Gallery076 Claire&Daniel_Gallery077 Claire&Daniel_Gallery078 Claire&Daniel_Gallery079 Claire&Daniel_Gallery080 Claire&Daniel_Gallery081 Claire&Daniel_Gallery085 Claire&Daniel_Gallery089 Claire&Daniel_Gallery093 Claire&Daniel_Gallery096

The staff at The Beech Hill, do almost literally, “Go the extra mile” for you. Well, several hundred yards anyway, to bring Claire and Daniel a quick bite and a little drink between shots!The Beech Hill really is a hidden gem. Little more than five minutes from the City, it seems like another world.

Claire&Daniel_Gallery116 Claire&Daniel_Gallery115 Claire&Daniel_Gallery113 Claire&Daniel_Gallery109 Claire&Daniel_Gallery108 Claire&Daniel_Gallery105 Claire&Daniel_Gallery104 Claire&Daniel_Gallery103 Claire&Daniel_Gallery102 Claire&Daniel_Gallery101 Claire&Daniel_Gallery100

The Marquee and surroundings beautifully decorated by Starlight Weddings who also provided the Sweet Cart.

Claire&Daniel_Gallery095 Claire&Daniel_Gallery097

Formalities over, music for the evening was by The Great Escape. There’s an adage that goes “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail . . .” No such issues for Claire & Daniel whose attention to detail, coupled with the calm they both seemed able to maintain throughout the day made for a perfect end to the Summer.



Cathedral : Dragon : Castle

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Danielle&Jamie 0020

Jamie & Danielles’ wedding at Solis, Lough Eske Castle.

Danielle&Jamie 0114 Danielle&Jamie 0141b Danielle&Jamie 0142

We’ve mentioned previously some of the logistical challenges couples can face when organising their wedding from a distance. Jamie & Danielle went further, literally, than many people would feel comfortable with.

Not only did they organise their wedding from Canada, they had to work out how pretty much everyone and everything involved in the wedding was going to get here from Canada, the UK and elsewhere.

You can probably guess, from Jamie’s choice of Formal Wear that his family roots lie in Scotland. What was surprising was to find that he, like Martha and I, had studied at The Glasgow School of Art.

Danielle&Jamie 0032

Danielle also told us that Jamie is a keen photographer himself. As it turns out, so were more than a few of their friends and relations. No pressure there then!

Danielle&Jamie 0086 Danielle&Jamie 0091

Danielle&Jamie 0061 Danielle&Jamie 0062

Here’s one of the boys going to work with a lovely little Yashica Twin Lens Reflex. At one time, cameras like this were the workhorses of the social photography & wedding photography world.

Danielle&Jamie 0256 Danielle&Jamie 0275 Danielle&Jamie 0281 Danielle&Jamie 0288 Danielle&Jamie 0312 Danielle&Jamie 0319 Danielle&Jamie 0334 Danielle&Jamie 0394 Danielle&Jamie 0398 Danielle&Jamie 0476 Danielle&Jamie 0484 Danielle&Jamie 0498 Danielle&Jamie 0506 Danielle&Jamie 0514 Danielle&Jamie 0530 Danielle&Jamie 0534 Danielle&Jamie 0563 Danielle&Jamie 0644 Danielle&Jamie 0654 Danielle&Jamie 0656 Danielle&Jamie 0663 Danielle&Jamie 0682 Danielle&Jamie 0803 Danielle&Jamie 0827 Danielle&Jamie 0837 Danielle&Jamie 0845 Danielle&Jamie 0858 Danielle&Jamie 0885 Danielle&Jamie 0923 Danielle&Jamie 0927 Danielle&Jamie 0969 Danielle&Jamie 0976 Danielle&Jamie 1020 Danielle&Jamie 1112 Danielle&Jamie 1134 Danielle&Jamie 1150 Danielle&Jamie 1161 Danielle&Jamie 1168

St Eugene’s Cathedral in Letterkenny is a spectacular setting for a wedding. The scale, the atmosphere and the architecture all combine to create a truly memorable scene.

Danielle&Jamie 1238 Danielle&Jamie 1263 Danielle&Jamie 1271 Danielle&Jamie 1314 Danielle&Jamie 1326 Danielle&Jamie 1329 Danielle&Jamie 1335 Danielle&Jamie 1356 Danielle&Jamie 1711

Ceremony over, now it’s off through the wild landscape of County Donegal to Lough Eske nestled beneath the Blue Stack Mountains, and home to a dragon or two.

Danielle&Jamie 1748


Days Like This

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Donegal isn’t exactly renowned for its long, hot summers. When we posted some pictures a while ago, of Leona & Barry’s pre-wedding shoot we’d had some pretty mixed weather and the soon-to-be-weds were a little concerned that the weather might affect  their day.
Just a couple of hours before the service Barry and the boys enjoyed a quick bite, while the weather was not looking too promising!

Leona&Barry 0049 Leona&Barry 0004 Leona&Barry 0085
A couple of miles away at Leona’s home, it seemed a little brighter . . .

Leona&Barry 0382 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 0384 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 0512 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 0599 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 0369 - Version 2

Leona’s spectacular footwear,  “jazzled” by Divine Soles of Dungannon. Flowers and bouquets from Heaven Scent in Carndonagh.

Leona&Barry 0483 Leona&Barry 0457 - Version 3 Leona&Barry 0474

Breakfast over, the boys get down to the tricky ties and cufflinks routine

Leona&Barry 0209 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 0214 Leona&Barry 0293 Leona&Barry 0336

As Barry waits, the skies open and we decide it would be kinder to move inside for a few quick shots of the boys in their finery.

Leona&Barry 0708 Leona&Barry 0711

Now if only Leona had been fashionably late, perhaps this downpour might have passed!

Leona&Barry 0881 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 0894 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 0921 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 0929 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 0981 - Version 2

Weather isn’t Barry’s main pre-occupation any more.

Leona&Barry 1002 Leona&Barry 1059 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 1082 Leona&Barry 1138 Leona&Barry 1168

By now, the skies have cleared a little, if anyone still cares!

Leona&Barry 1327 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 1500 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 1513 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 1547 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 1585 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 1644 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 1667 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 1674 Leona&Barry 1686 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 1736 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 1744 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 1763 - Version 2

Leona&Barry 1925

Not the day to get the top down perhaps, but the wedding cars by Dessie Lynch at Fairytale Weddings in Steelstown, Derry were immaculately turned out.

Leona&Barry 2336 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 1989 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 2138 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 2246 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 2282 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 2284 Leona&Barry 2287 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 2299 - Version 2

A little bit of wind and rain weren’t going to put anyone off, not today.

Leona&Barry 2354 - Version 2 Leona&Barry 2428 Leona&Barry 2466 Leona&Barry 2490 Leona&Barry 2500

Leona in her gown by Benjamin Roberts from McElhinneys in Ballybofey

Leona&Barry 2567b

Leona & Barry had chosen a cake by Mary Lafferty in Carndonagh. Sweet.

Leona&Barry 2832 Leona&Barry 2867


One Fine Day

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I’m sure almost everyone’s familiar with the adage, “Well, tomorrow’s another day” Usually a response to a day that we might have hoped had gone better! For the superstitious among us, maybe it’s particularly apt on Friday the 13th. For Leona & Barry though, tomorrow really will be another day. A very particular day. Come rain or shine, ever after, Saturday the 14th of June 2014 will be the most life-changing day. The day they got married.

Needless to say, we’d prefer it to shine rather than rain!

IMG_4150 IMG_4162 IMG_4167 IMG_4176 IMG_4182 IMG_4184 IMG_4190 IMG_4198 IMG_4210