Show up, shut up and shoot

When Donna and Stephen asked us to photograph their wedding on Inch Island recently, they were clear that what they wanted was for us to capture the occasion with the minimum of fuss and formality.001Wedding Photography Donegal_0110002Wedding Photography Donegal_0111003Wedding Photography Donegal_0109Basically, that’s how we prefer to approach this kind of work anyway, so we had a great time watching the day unfold.004Wedding Photography Donegal_0108007Wedding Photography Donegal_0114008Wedding Photography Donegal_0115009Wedding Photography Donegal_0116010Wedding Photography Donegal_0117013Wedding Photography Donegal_0121014Wedding Photography Donegal_0122015Wedding Photography Donegal_0123016Wedding Photography Donegal_0124017Wedding Photography Donegal_0125018Wedding Photography Donegal_0126019Wedding Photography Donegal_0128021Wedding Photography Donegal_0130022Wedding Photography Donegal_0131025Wedding Photography Donegal_0127In most weddings, the more formal “Wedding Photographs” are really just a short pause in the midst of all the activity, not the centrepiece of the day. Short, sweet and move on.027Wedding Photography Donegal_0138028Wedding Photography Donegal_0136029Wedding Photography Donegal_0137032Wedding Photography Donegal_0147033Wedding Photography Donegal_0141034Wedding Photography Donegal_0142035Wedding Photography Donegal_0143So, a quick stop in Fahan, away from their guests for just a short while, then on to the Inishowen Gateway Hotel for the rest of the celebration.037Wedding Photography Donegal_0163038Wedding Photography Donegal_0148041Wedding Photography Donegal_0145042Wedding Photography Donegal_0149043Wedding Photography Donegal_0150044Wedding Photography Donegal_0153045Wedding Photography Donegal_0154047Wedding Photography Donegal_0156048Wedding Photography Donegal_0157049Wedding Photography Donegal_0158050Wedding Photography Donegal_0159051Wedding Photography Donegal_0161052Wedding Photography Donegal_0162We think it all worked out pretty well. Show up, shut up, and shoot.053Wedding Photography Donegal_0160