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Danielle&Jamie 0020

Jamie & Danielles’ wedding at Solis, Lough Eske Castle.

Danielle&Jamie 0114 Danielle&Jamie 0141b Danielle&Jamie 0142

We’ve mentioned previously some of the logistical challenges couples can face when organising their wedding from a distance. Jamie & Danielle went further, literally, than many people would feel comfortable with.

Not only did they organise their wedding from Canada, they had to work out how pretty much everyone and everything involved in the wedding was going to get here from Canada, the UK and elsewhere.

You can probably guess, from Jamie’s choice of Formal Wear that his family roots lie in Scotland. What was surprising was to find that he, like Martha and I, had studied at The Glasgow School of Art.

Danielle&Jamie 0032

Danielle also told us that Jamie is a keen photographer himself. As it turns out, so were more than a few of their friends and relations. No pressure there then!

Danielle&Jamie 0086 Danielle&Jamie 0091

Danielle&Jamie 0061 Danielle&Jamie 0062

Here’s one of the boys going to work with a lovely little Yashica Twin Lens Reflex. At one time, cameras like this were the workhorses of the social photography & wedding photography world.

Danielle&Jamie 0256 Danielle&Jamie 0275 Danielle&Jamie 0281 Danielle&Jamie 0288 Danielle&Jamie 0312 Danielle&Jamie 0319 Danielle&Jamie 0334 Danielle&Jamie 0394 Danielle&Jamie 0398 Danielle&Jamie 0476 Danielle&Jamie 0484 Danielle&Jamie 0498 Danielle&Jamie 0506 Danielle&Jamie 0514 Danielle&Jamie 0530 Danielle&Jamie 0534 Danielle&Jamie 0563 Danielle&Jamie 0644 Danielle&Jamie 0654 Danielle&Jamie 0656 Danielle&Jamie 0663 Danielle&Jamie 0682 Danielle&Jamie 0803 Danielle&Jamie 0827 Danielle&Jamie 0837 Danielle&Jamie 0845 Danielle&Jamie 0858 Danielle&Jamie 0885 Danielle&Jamie 0923 Danielle&Jamie 0927 Danielle&Jamie 0969 Danielle&Jamie 0976 Danielle&Jamie 1020 Danielle&Jamie 1112 Danielle&Jamie 1134 Danielle&Jamie 1150 Danielle&Jamie 1161 Danielle&Jamie 1168

St Eugene’s Cathedral in Letterkenny is a spectacular setting for a wedding. The scale, the atmosphere and the architecture all combine to create a truly memorable scene.

Danielle&Jamie 1238 Danielle&Jamie 1263 Danielle&Jamie 1271 Danielle&Jamie 1314 Danielle&Jamie 1326 Danielle&Jamie 1329 Danielle&Jamie 1335 Danielle&Jamie 1356 Danielle&Jamie 1711

Ceremony over, now it’s off through the wild landscape of County Donegal to Lough Eske nestled beneath the Blue Stack Mountains, and home to a dragon or two.

Danielle&Jamie 1748

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