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When Lorna & Johnny came up to see us to talk over the plan for their wedding photography, it would be fair to say that Johnny was not over excited about the idea of being put in front of a camera.It can be a little uncomfortable. After all, it’s not something most of us do an a daily basis. We often hear people asking “What do you want us to do?”


In most cases, when people feel a little ill at ease in front of a lens, we find that keeping our distance helps! In particular, when we’re doing pre-wedding shoots, the main purpose is to help break down that tension, and sticking a camera four feet from someones nose and telling them to smile isn’t going to cut it.


Wedding photography, we think, should be mostly about the relationship between the couple. While it is important that we try to help people to come across well, (and yes, looking towards the camera is sometimes appropriate!) our presence should never be intrusive. If we can help our clients relax, and while not exactly ignoring us entirely, at least shake off the idea that they are there to be made to do something they are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with, things generally go much better.

IMG_4014 IMG_4057 IMG_4059

Pre-wedding sessions can be a tremendous benefit for our couples and us. With the anxiety and nerves which can be so common on the day of a wedding, we need to know that we have built a relationship of trust with our couples beforehand.

IMG_3946 IMG_3952

So, if all goes according to plan the couple have a few images to mark their engagement and we have a better understanding of how they, and we can work together on the day.

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